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Peter C. AnthonyPeter Anthony is a seasoned, multifaceted general manager with a proven record of enhancing shareholder value through corporate growth.

As president and chief executive officer of UGN, Inc., Peter’s successful leadership of a company turnaround in a challenging economy demonstrates his ability to implement multiple strategies as part of a comprehensive business plan.

Upon taking the helm of UGN in 2002, Peter reinvented the company by expanding it from a niche supplier to a broad-based corporation with a diversified product line.

Peter implemented a strategic and aggressive growth by skillfully directing UGN successful entry into novel sectors. Under his leadership, sales dramatically increased making way for expansion opportunities. Peter’s vision for continued growth at UGN resulted in the addition of two manufacturing plants in the southwestern United States contributing to the economic vitality of the region.

Peter successfully embraced the Toyota Production System as the foundation of the UGN business model – resulting in maximum productivity and efficiency throughout his manufacturing and business management structure.

Through cross-training and adherence to a flexible business model, Peter has positioned the company to respond to business fluctuations. His assertive implementation of cost-cutting measures has ensured UGN will remain a highly profitable enterprise, and an industry leader in the delivery of innovative, state-of-the-art automotive products.

Peter is a past board member for Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.  He is also a past-chairman of the board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois, a member and past-president of the Bluegrass Automotive Manufacturers Association (a Toyota Production System independent forum), a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, and of Vistage International.

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this is so true that Throughout his career, he has consistently increased sales and demonstrated leadership while enhancing shareholder values through corporate growth.


Peters vision along with implementing the TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEMS into the organization provided the necessary foundation for the UGN organization to move forward and survive.


The automotive business has faded because of the rising gas prices
and unemployment.  All we can do is have faith
in God to pull us out of our problems. 
If we believe in Jesus and follow his teachings we will succeed in life.  - Message from the Co-Author of the book  "In the Times of Jesus" - Christopher  Negrete (www.negretebooks.com)